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November 16, 2014

I still don’t have a properly functioning computer or iPhone — accessing or taking photos just isn’t happening — but I did have a break from the frustration by spending Friday evening and all day Saturday with Oprah Winfrey in San Jose Ca.  This was the last stop of of 8-stop tour called The Life You WantSeeing Oprah was a bucket list item for me that I never in my wildest dreams imagined would happen.  Well, it happened.

The event began Friday evening with an incredible keynote talk given by Oprah.  Then we returned Saturday morning at 7 a.m. for a day of enlightenment: talks by other team members and much much more.  Food was NOT a highlight of the weekend.  10,000 people trying to grab something to eat (nutrition was not a factor) from vendors in a hockey/event pavilion!!!  But we didn’t really care since we were there with Oprah.

Blythe's shares the cover of O Magazine with Oprah!

In my wildest dreams—being on the cover of O Magazine!!!

See the pants/slacks that Oprah’s wearing?  Lisette L  Montréal.  I WON a pair!  Do you think they’ll make me appear taller and slimmer!!??!!??  Hmmm, another dream.  As soon as I get my measurements taken, I’ll be ordering them.  Lots of colors and ‘statements’ to choose from!

Before I return home later this afternoon, I have a tech phone call with Apple to finish repairing my computer issues and then it’ll be a trip to the Apple Store (or maybe the phone again) to get my iPhone functioning properly.  I can’t take photos.  Storage issue.  Both items are inter-related and it’s been u-g-l-y.  But I’ll tell you, the support people have been so helpful.  It’s their job and they do it well.  Several of the repair steps have taken hours to ‘happen’ so that, plus being unavailable for 2 days, has been the reason for the delay in having access to my staming photos.  I don’t wish this on myself again for sure!

To paraphrase Oprah:

With the rising of the sun, my heart is filled with gratitude for yet another day to live on purpose.

And I hope my purpose for tomorrow will be to share some creativity with you.  Have a great day!

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