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August Paper Pumpkin Sneak Peak

August 3, 2016

Would you like a little sneak peak into August’s Paper Pumpkin Kit?

August 2016 Paper Pumpkin Sneak Peak

What we don’t see are the embellishments, the card stock or the whole color scheme.


My first thought was coloring, like for a color book.  Hmmm…..watercolor pencils?  Markers.  Totally a wrong idea!?  I do know that I just love the fonts and the actual greetings.  Hello seems to be my go-to greeting of late.  This way I can send a card to anyone for almost any reason.

You have a few more days to sign up to get your very own kit.  You can sign up for a single kit or a series of kits.  It’s up to you.  It’s only $19.95 per month and that includes the shipping in a tell-tale orange box.  (Turn the box inside out when you’re done with it and you have a great sturdy mailing or storage box!)  In that lovely orange box you get everything necessary to make the month’s kit except adhesive.  You also get a colorful instruction sheet plus a link to a how-to/see-it-for-yourself video.  Check Paper Pumpkin out here.  And please, be sure to put my name in the box when it gives you the prompt.  Then Stampin’ Up! knows I’ve been talking about one of my favorite mail box surprises.






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