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February 4, 2015

On Saturday, the final day of Leadership, I finally ran into my friend Laurie from Rocky Mountain House, Canada.  After a bit of updating conversation she asked me why my hair wasn’t colored.  (We must have met originally on a Sudsol card front swap day because normally that’s the only day I color my hair at a Stampin’ Up! event.)  I simply told her that “my event” was the previous day, I had colored my hair, washed it later that evening to remove the color, and no more color.

Laurie insisted that we go downstairs (in the convention center) to the Gathering Place* where she knew we could find a stamp pad.  She wanted to see HOW I applied the color and then to see that my hair WAS colored.  Heck, I’m game.  It’s fun.  It’s easy.  It’s silly.  It shows something else that can be done with a Stampin’ Up! Classic Ink Pad.  And, best yet, it’s washable.

Laurie, Blythe, Greg CottrellHow crazy can you be?  We all had a fun time of it–and had a bit of an audience.  Oh my.

Afterwards, Laurie gave me this great card that she had passed out to many of her acquaintances, knowing that we might never meet again at a Stampin’ Up! event.

Laurie's "glad I've met you" card

This message was inside:

There are many paths in life, I’m so glad ours have crossed.   We have shared fun and laughter together.   As we carry along down our own paths, we will take a little of each other along, and you will always be in my thoughts at different times…

Thank you for touching my life —  Smiles, Laurie

Yes, I will treasure this card.

Our keynote speaker, Jason Wright, emphasized in his talk, how important the written word: a card, a letter, a tag/note left on the pillow……..  Each is a bit of the person who has sent it and the recipient can then ‘feel’ that person with them, each time they reread their little treasure.

This is why stamping is so much more than a hobby, a little past time.  It’s an opportunity to touch someone’s life.  And you know what?  Anyone can do it.  It’s my ‘job’ as a teacher of rubber stamp art, to show the non-believer just how easy creating a beautiful, thoughtful, meaningful card can be.  It doesn’t have to be an immaculate piece of art.  It just has to be from the heart.  

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great day.  Send a card to some lucky recipient.  (You don’t need a reason.  “Just Because” will work.)

*Gathering Place:  The l-a-r-g-e room conveniently located in the Convention Center where new products are displayed, business development is discussed, samples are displayed and much much more.  It’s definitely a place at either Convention or a Leadership Conference where SU! demonstrators gather.

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