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Crazy Monday Morning

October 10, 2016

Well…….I spent 5 hours at the Apple Store yesterday (2 hours from home) and am now restoring all contents of my computer from my Time Machine/Airport backup.  It will take about 13 more hours.  This saga began last Monday and has been very time consuming with trips to the Apple Store or on the phone with Apple Tech support.  All will be good when my data is restored.  Right!?

I won’t be able to upload my October Buffet Cards since they’re all in that backup.  I hope.  Look for them on October 12th.

I look forward to being back to somewhat normal tomorrow.  I’ve lost several stamping days due to my computer’s almost dead battery (after 5 years so I can’t really complain) and computer bits that fell apart with the new battery.  Obviously it was time for a good computer purging.

I’m using my hubby’s Mac right now—it has none of my photos/projects on it so…….no graphics today.

Have a great Monday.


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