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May 5, 2015

I guess I didn’t until this morning’s Google Doodle.  I thought she had something to do with cow that kicked over the lantern in the barn causing the big Chicago fire.  Wrong.  Nellie Bly, pen name, was really Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman, an American journalist known for her investigative and undercover writing.  And for speaking out for those who were told to ‘shut-up’, i.e., women.

Nellie Bly, journalist/investigative reporterIf you can take the time, go to Google.com this morning and listen to the words of the song that accompanies the doodle story.  Very interesting.

Nellie Bly spoke out for those whose voices were silenced

Nellie Bly spoke out for those whose voices were silenced.

Nellie Bly traveled 'round the world for her stories

She traveled ’round the world for her stories.

Nellie Bly spoke out for the suffragists

She spoke out for the suffragists.

Nellie Bly, writer, investigative reporter

Where might we be today without her skill and courage?

Quite interesting.  I love finding out something new everyday.  And this was my ‘new’ for today.  Thanks Google!

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