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January 7, 2015

I came upon a great tip for storing and then easily accessing and using your neat Photopolymer stamps.

Photopolymer stamps are an inexpensive way to purchase some of your favorite stamp sets.  But–they can be a pain to always have to stop and remove from between the layers of the clear window sheet and the printed (very informative with their graphics) window sheet that they sit on.

These stamps are created in Kanab, Utah at Stampin’ Up!‘s manufacturing plant.  Let’s hear a woohoo for that!  They are made using a light process and that’s as far as my technical knowledge goes.  But I do know that light is not their friend once they reach your home.  That being said, here’s a quick, easy, practical and efficient way to store them, especially since they now all come to us in SU!’s clear cases (except for those in the My Paper Pumpkin kits).

2015 Sale-a-Bration set--Best Day Ever

2015 Sale-a-Bration set–Best Day Ever

The Best Day Ever Sale-a-Bration stamp set is also available in Wood and Clear Mount.

Here’s the tip:

  • Cut a 5″ x 7″ piece of printer paper.
  • Slide that piece of paper inside the back side of the thin clear case to check the fit, then remove.
  • Remove that printed piece of window sheet from your clear stamps, place a glue dot in two opposite corners, lay — face down and backward — onto the white piece of paper.  It will be like a mirror image from the photopolymer images themselves.
Image sheet as mirror image on 5 x 7 paper

Image sheet as a mirror image on the 5 “x 7” paper

  • Slip the 5″ x 7″ piece of white paper, with the printed window sheet attached, back into the clear case in the same position it would have been to the images originally.
  • Remove each stamp from the remaining window sheet, one at a time, and lay them into position in the inside back of the clear case, over the images.  The flat side will be stuck to the case, therefore having the stamping image facing up “to the sky”.

tPlace stamps on back of clear box

  • Now you’ll have easy access to your stamps, eliminating that annoying step of prying each image from between those two clear window sheets.
  • Save that clear piece of window sheet for some future use.

This also works with stamp sets having more than one window sheet of images.  You just slip the 5″ x 7″ piece of white paper between the cover information and the clear case:

Wood You Be Mine, Occ Catalog, 137134

Wood You Be Mine, 2015 Occasions Catalog, 137134, $23.95

Try it, you’ll like it.  It takes a few minutes to “get” which item to put which way but work with it and you’ll get it.  This is going to be so much more convenient.  And no, the images do not touch when the case is closed.

Thanks for visiting today and have a great one!

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