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October 25, 2014

TODAY is ‘MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY’ so I thought I’d put my own spin on making a difference as a stamping business owner.

Stampin' Totally Tess 6-11

Stampin’ Totally Tess 6-11

I can look at this from several points of view:

PERSONALLY:  I’ve been stamping since the early ’90s and have enjoyed being a part of Stampin’ Up! (I saw the light!!!) since 1996 and I’ve never looked back.  I know I can’t draw but I can certainly stamp!  “Monkey see, Monkey do!”  Being a demonstrator has given me confidence to share my passion.  I’m also a nicer person.  Interpretation: When I’m a grump or just ‘down’, I can go to my stampin’ space and within 10 minutes I am revitalized and my charm (hee hee) has been transformed.  Seriously, stamping is great therapy.  As a stamping business owner, I can call my own shots, make my own schedule–which allows me the family time I require–and to be in charge of my life.

Stampin' Studio 2009

My Stampin’ Studio in 2009. It still pretty much looks the same!

I also get to attend so many Demonstrator-Only Events, get fresh ideas, see friends I’ve met over the years, get sneak peaks of new catalogs and product, get business tips etc etc etc.  I always have an event to look forward to.

Stampin' Friends 7-13

Friends I’ve met through Stampin’ Up! : Tanya from Carmel Valley CA, but now back in Canada, and Jenn from New York state. Photo taken at Stampin’ Up!’s 2013 Annual Convention.


Stampin' Catalog Premiere, Redwood City (aka San Francisco), 4-14

Release of the 2014-2015 Annual Catalog in April 2014, several months before it was released to customers and even demonstrators who did not attend the event. Our event was in “San Francisco” — really in Redwood City, about 45 miles south of SF.


Stampin' Friends from Sudsol, 4-28-14

Friends from the Sudsol group I belong to–a business only SU! forum. We had all met to swap cards, a typical stamping event within an event. This was at the Catalog Premiere, 4-28-14

Stampin' Hair! Conv 2012

I was hosting a swap at Stampin’ Up!’s annual convention where many participants only knew me online. So I told them I’d be wearing a lime green shirt with Gumball Green stamp pad ink in my hair. It has now become an tradition at our swaps!


Stampin' Friendships 7-14

Stampin’ Friendships 7-14. My Annual SU! Convention roommates whom I met online (that Sudsol group). We’ve been rooming together for 5 years now. Back row: Sue from near Indianapolis IN, Katie from upstate New York; front row: my sister Janet (I’ve know her a long time) and moi. Convention 2012.


IN MY COMMUNITY:  In February 2004 my stamping enthusiasm got me a ‘gig’ at my local Mi Wuk Village Library where I’ve been sharing card making monthly ever since.  The friendships I’ve gained and the confidence I’ve seen develop in the stampers who have been with me since 2004, or those who are new to the scene, is beyond words.  I love being able to share this business-of-creativity with so many.

Stampin' at the MWV Library 9-2010

Stampin’ at the Mi Wuk Library/Community Center.  Men are welcome though not usually present.


Stampin' Farmers' Market 6-10

I was a regular vender at the Twain Harte Thursday afternoon Farmer’s Market in Summer 2010.  Twain Harte is about 4 miles ‘down the hill’ from Mi Wuk Village.

AMONG MY FRIENDS:  As a stamping business owner, I (almost) always have a card ready for any need.  Why do I have so many on hand?  Because I’m creating cards all the time, for classes, for blog posts or challenges, for swapping with other demonstrators.  It’s so easy to let those cards just pile up as lovely cards to look at, but it’s also so much fun to just send them for no reason at all. 

Stampin' Class 5-10

Stampin’ Class , May 2010, making cards for friends!


THROUGH THE ETHERNET VIA MY BLOG:  I really enjoy sharing my love of stamping via my blog.  My goal is to share ideas and ‘how-to’ information while also sharing the ease of being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and business owner.  It’s fun to be at an event and hear someone say “Hey, you’re Blythe!”  Yip.  Smile.  And I truly love it when a reader sends me a note with a question or a thank you or just a hello.

Stampin Studio 2008

Stampin’ Studio 2008.  I’ve been blogging since 2007 or 2008.  Great experience and teacher.


CHALLENGE TO SELF:  Practice what I preach!  I’m going to send out at least one card every day for the rest of the year!  They say doing something for 26 days will give the solid foundation for a new habit.  By January 1, 2015 I’ll have a great new habit that I can be so proud of.  I’ll put you on my random card list if you send me an email with your mailing address!  (I would never use that address for any other reason!!!!!)  Use the subject line: “I’d like a random card from Blythe”.  This will be fun fun fun and will also share my love of stamping and my joy at being a stamping business owner.  And it just might make someone smile on a day when smiling is not the first thing they want to do.

And these are the ways I think I make a difference as a stamping business owner.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts and fun, loving what I do!

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