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February 22, 2016

I hope you noticed that yesterday my new blogging platform (the way it looks to the reader) went live.  Here’s a little review of where I came from.  And mind you, I loved each platform or blog look as I was using it.  Technology has changed and improved and styles have most definitely changed.

Here’s 2008-2014.  My blog on Typepad looked like this:


In 2014, my first WordPress blog emerged.  Not only did I change the name from Stampin’WithBlythe to StampingWithBlythe, I moved from Typepad (they stopped growing and keeping up with the blogging technology) to WordPress.  I learned lots and lots with this change.   My ‘theme’, where the style and shape of the blog come from, was a bridal theme and was quite delicate.  I loved my blog header!!!  Clean and simple.  And it was a great introduction to WordPress and all it could do. version 1, 2014-2016


Now, in February 2016, I have once again expanded my mind (hee hee) and moved on to the latest technology and looks in a blog.  My daughter-in-law ‘gave me’ the update as a birthday gift.  This was absolutely quite a massive gift.  She had me working on pages, ideas and articles while she was working on all the intricacies in the background.  I’m pretty much over the moon with her ideas and our implementation of them.  I absolutely love the header because it truly represents ME:  how long I’ve been with Stampin’ Up!, where I live, my love-affair with British phone boxes, and my personal information.

Feb 21, 2016 introduction of new blog look


Pine branch

I hope you like the update.  And I also hope that you’ll poke around, click on the home page boxes as well as the drop down menus in the navigation bar.  On the side bar, check out the streamlined sign up box for my newsletter: Join the ‘B’ Craft Club.   Love it!!!  The intention is that the blog be even more inviting.  I welcome your feedback for sure.   There’s a little gray rectangle to the right of each post title that, when clicked, will take you to a comment box.  It’s there for us to communicate, for me to know that you’re thinking.  I’m still working hard, going back over years of posts, to fine tune the categories so you can find what you might be looking for.

I do have to give a big shout out to John Sanpietro, stamping coach, and his ‘right on’ bootcamps that teach you, step-by-step, how to keep up with the technology and trends when blogging.  He got me started on my first Typepad blog in 2008, got me to move over to WordPress in 2014 and has kept me up to date on what’s happening out there ever since.

The other shout out goes to my awesome daughter-in-law, Khrishna, whose technical skills and writing gifts (she is a published author) made this blog happen.  She does fling a strong whip along the process.  And I love it.  I have learned so much from her.  Check out The DIY Bride Crafty Countdown, The DIY Bride 40 Fun Projects for Your Ultimate One-of-a-Kind Wedding and The DIY Bride An Affair to Remember.
(You might see mention of me in her first book!)

Enjoy this new version of my adventure.  Take a look around.  Read About Me for some enlightenment!  Be sure to use the search box at the top of the sidebar.  I just took a shot in the search box by entering 2009 to see if I could view one of those posts.  Sure can.  And it’s fun to take a trip back in time to look at the styles, images, projects and more.  By the way, more changes are still taking place hourly or daily at the least.

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