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September 22, 2015
My October's Paper Pumpkin Box

This was waiting for me in my PO Box.

Creativity in a Box in my PO box

Creativity in a Box at my fingertips.

Now you’re coming right along with me on this adventure.  Here’s my first clue:

14 Halloween themed photopolymer stamps

Next layer and clue:

October Paper Pumpkin Kit instructions

October Paper Pumpkin Kit instructions

And finally, the tools.  It’s looking like candy or taffy apples to me.  I love candy apples and I haven’t had one for years. 

Tools & supplies packed up tidily behind the instructions

Tools & supplies packed up tidily behind the instructions

The title of the kit is Wickedly Sweet Treat Instructions.  Now to open the pack of parts:

Paper Bags, precut about 1-1/2″ from the top.

8 Fringed paper bags

8 Fringed paper bags

Hula skirts?  (ha ha)

Long fringed kraft paper

Long fringed kraft paper

Spooky straws:

8 'birch tree' straws

8 ‘birch tree’ straws

Cajun Craze Thick Twine and some raffia:

Twine and raffia

Next comes reading the instructions (imagine that!) and watching the video for a bunch of video instructions.  These are looking potentially all too cute!

How else can you have this good kind of ‘time-out’ come right to your door?  (Or in my case and that of others I’m sure, straight into your PO Box.)  Simply subscribe to Paper Pumpkin before the 10th of a month, or subscribe for 3, 6, or 9 months or more at a time and it’ll come to you automatically.  Be sure (unless you are or already have your very own demonstrator) to place my name, Blythe Klipple, in the field where the form asks for your demonstrator’s name.

If you need just a little more inspiration, if you subscribe for ONLY October’s Paper Pumpkin Kit you will be supporting the Breast Cancer Research Fund and your October Kit will come in a Breast-Cancer-Pink box.

October Paper Pumpkin fund raising boxes

October Paper Pumpkin fund raising boxes.

Stampin’ Up! will donate

  • $1 for every active Paper Pumpkin subscriber.
  • Plus, an additional $1 for every new subscriber.

Together, we will make a difference!

After I tend to a few more housekeeping (home typep) items I’m going to dig into this month’s kit and get a few put together.  I wonder if I’ll need apples?  I guess I should go watch that video right now………..  I’ll see you later with a finished product.

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