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My May Birthday Cards are Ready to Go!

May 3, 2016

I spent a good part of Sunday afternoon getting my May cards ready to mail.  In addition to #Imbringingbirthdaysback, I’ve added my own handwritten hashtag of #immailingmorehandstampedcards.  Before I get a stamp made for that hashtag I’d like to come up with some a bit more streamlined.  As much as I just love Shannon West’s #Imbringingbirthdaysback stamp

#imbringingbirthdaysback (143573)

it just doesn’t seem to fit when I’m sending a thank you or thinking of you or Mother’s Day card.


Here’s the beginning of my May cards that will be going out in the next week or so:

May birthday and Mother's Day cards

If you’d like a birthday card in May (or June, July…………) send an email to blythe@stampingwithblythe.com with your mailing information.  It probably won’t look like these cards but I can guarantee you’ll like it.

I’ve shared the cards above here and here as I was creating them during the past few weeks.  I’m looking forward to making a few more after I get my stampin’ studio ready for the upcoming catalog transition.


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