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February 5, 2015

Since the inception of My Paper Pumpkin about a year and a half ago, Stampin’ Up! has really “stepped it up”.  I’m taking the 24 finished pieces of January’s Paper Pumpkin with me wherever I go for the next few days, handing a candy filled treat to ‘whomever’!

I did this Christmas season 2013 with packaged handmade peppermint foot scrub from my 2013’s Twelve Weeks of Christmas publication and had so much fun just randomly handing them out.  I’ll never forget the ‘guy’ grocery bagger who pouted when I gave one to the (female) checker.  I pulled another out of my purse and handed it to him and he was just thrilled.

January My Paper Pumpkin Kit

January My Paper Pumpkin Kit

Hmmm……which treat would you prefer in your My Paper Pumpkin treat pouch? M&Ms or Cinnamon Jelly Hearts?

Stampin’ Up! gave each demonstrator at Leadership (who wanted one) a recent Paper Pumpkin Kit to give to a customer who would like to check it out.  What???  You aren’t familiar with Paper Pumpkin?  You can get more information about it here.  This is the perfect kit for those of you who don’t want to or aren’t ready to accumulate stamping supplies and want a relaxing “sit-back” time to create a finished project in less than an hour.  It’s a surprise each month—anticipation for the surprise is seriously half the fun!  You’ll have everything you need to complete the project: paper, stamps, ink, accessories, and more! (You will need adhesive.)  If you have any questions, please fire away.  If I don’t know the answer I can certainly find out in a flash.

Now, all that being said, I have ONE PAPER PUMPKIN KIT to give to a prospective Paper Pumpkin customer or subscriber (great way to go!).  Just leave me a comment stating your interest and I’ll have my Sweety randomly pull a name out of a bag or box on Monday morning, February 9th.  (Customers only please, no demonstrators—that just wouldn’t be fair!)

Time now for me to get going.  I have Book Club tonight (What Alice Forgot) and it’s 120 miles from home!  Guess what each club member will be getting?  Yip, one of those Valentine treat bags shown above.  I’ll still have plenty left for surprising unsuspecting recipients—grocery store, book store, Bed Bath & Beyond, maybe even the gas station attendant……those are my stops while driving to Dublin CA.

Have a great day!  And thanks for stopping in.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you’d like to get my FREE lucky Paper Pumpkin Kit.


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