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September 19, 2015

I was working on some Christmas ideas yesterday afternoon, using the beautiful new Red Foil Sheets.  I pulled out my Thinlits, my Big Shot and Multipurpose Platform, new awesome Precision Base Plate and a Standard Cutting Pad.  It’s a well used cutting pad.



All went exactly as planned with one exception.  When I checked out my beautifully die cut Delicate Ornament I noticed icky scratchy lines on the remaining strip of red foil.  Here is the reason why:  the Standard Cutting Pad that I used was very well used which normally is just perfect for use.  But with the Red Foil Sheets you’re going to need to use a new or hardly used Standard Cutting Pad since the sheen of the foil is so susceptible to scratching.

Red foil

Red Foil with scratches, closeup

This is more like what your Standard Cutting Pad should be looking like:

Newish Standard Cutting Pad

The photo is a bit misleading since the Precision Base Plate beneath the Standard Cutting Pad is definitely showing signs of use.  That’s a good thing but doesn’t help when trying to look at an unscratched cutting pad!  Believe me, the cutting pad is unscratched!  Look really really hard.

My first ornament came out unscathed but the next one won’t be quite a perfectly shiny.

Well used standard cutting pad for the Big Shot

You are going to LOVE these Delicate Ornament Thinlits Dies as well as the Precision Base Plate!!

I hope you’ll be trying some of these classy ornaments yourself one day soon.  (You can get your Delicate Ornament Thinlits and Precision Base Plate from me via a phone call or just clicking on the links above and going straight to my Stampin’ Up! Store.  Simply select me as your demonstrator and you’re on your way.)  Be sure not do as I did and use a well used cutting pad.  Use a much newer one and do as I recommend!

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