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January 24, 2015

There’s been some talk online these past few weeks about ribbon storage.  Like–how do you store your ribbon?  What works for you?

Almost since I signed up as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator in 1996, I have used the method my sweet husband suggested and then created.  My solution:  Plastic rain gutter.  White.

When we lived in San Jose CA, I had only about 15″ of vertical wall space available so Russ (hubby) attached 12″-13″ pieces of the rain gutter to a narrow board, about 2″ wide by 1/2″-1″ thick and 4 feet long.  Then he attached the board to the wall with several appropriate screws.  I wish I had a photo of this system but I don’t!  I do remember though that at the end of each 12″ piece he drilled two little holes across from each other and inserted and secured segments of a wire clothes hanger to keep the ribbon rolls from falling off of the edges.

I should add that Russ is a retired airline mechanic and seems to be able to figure out a way to do most anything.  I stamp for my creativity.  He creates odd-ball storage methods for his creativity!

Moving on, we literally moved into our current home that was once our ‘cabin’, in the Sierra Nevada mountains of eastern California in 2003.  I commandeered the room over the garage as my stampin’ space, stampin’ studio, aka My Country Loft.  And while searching for a place to store my ribbon, this time I didn’t have vertical space due to the pitch of the roof.  So—we went horizontal with a six foot length of that same type white plastic rain gutter.  Again it was attached to a length of baseboard and then screwed into the wall just before it started to slant into the ceiling.

Blythe's horizontal rain gutter ribbon storage

Blythe’s horizontal rain gutter ribbon storage

Attaching the ribbon holder to the wall

Attaching the ribbon holder to the wall

See how the walls slope?

See how the walls slope?

At the end of each catalog year, when ribbons are retired, I pull the retired ribbons and slowing start replacing them with the new ribbon.  I don’t have to mess with a dowel down the middle of ribbon spools when I want to remove a ribbon for a project or class.

Here’s a peek at storage for my retired stamps.  Back story:  the pitch of the roof left a large ‘dead space’ along the sides of the room.  So, Mr. Creativity designed and we built in six very useful cabinets, with 12″ moveable shelved to make use of the wasted (and needed) space.

Built in cabinets in Blythe's stampin' studio

Built in cabinets in Blythe’s stampin’ studio–the inside of each cabinet is painted with leftover bits of paint.


The wall above the ribbon storage.

This is a look at the wall above the ribbon storage.  I work hard to make those slanted walls useful.  The opposite wall (behind the camera) has 2 magnet boards and the retired Stampin’ Up! holders for round containers of buttons, brads, etc.

I’ll do a full stampin’ studio tour on another day.  Like when the room is fairly cleaned up!  I make use of lots of hand-me-down storage which makes the room very eclectic and totally one-of-a-kind.

I hope that perhaps this ribbon storage tour has inspired you to try some inexpensive and efficient plastic gutters!

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