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April 28, 2015

Trout season opened on Saturday, April 25th and my husband was just itching to get out on one of the local streams.  Well, in our year of drought it rained and snowed on Saturday.  Sunday was still cold.  Monday was beautiful so off we went.

Russ walking towards Strawberry Creek

Russ walking towards Strawberry Creek

For those who know the area (Pinecrest Lake, below the dam) we meandered over to the South Fork of the Stanislaus River in hopes of really catching fish. The stream, Strawberry Creek was ‘cute’ but non-productive.  We had seen it on a hike a month earlier and thought it would be fun to try to fish.  Lovely, but too small and seasonal to support fish.

My fish/part of our dinner

My fish/part of our dinner. It’s a native brown trout. 14″.  (Hubby caught a few 4″ – 5″ fish which he released back into the stream.)

Log with rope for crossing stream

You could either wade through the stream or cross via the log. I chose the log this time.

It was a fun fun outing and I’m so glad I took the time off and spent some time with Russ out in the ‘wilderness’ getting some wonderfully fresh air.

Today it’s back to class preps for tomorrow’s class in Dublin CA at my daughter’s home.  She and a group of her mom-friends are gathering monthly for a creative time out.  What a great idea for the soul.

I’ll be back tomorrow.  Thank you for stopping in today.

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