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Why I Love Stampin’ Up! Or……..Just Another Reason Why I Love Stampin’ Up!

March 1, 2016

I was out of town yesterday, at my daughter’s home in Dublin CA.  I headed to bed late and just stopped by my computer while washing my face etc, and checked FaceBook.  That could have been a big mistake but it wasn’t.

There was a post from the ever-delightful Stampin’ Up! employee, Shannon West, who, in January announced that she was bringing birthdays back with her #imbringingbirthdaysback campaign–with a stamp she had hand-carved.  Funny thing:  I had planned on sending lots and lots of cards in the New Year starting in early January as well.  But I surely didn’t have the platform that Shannon has!

She gave us a Sneak Squeek in early February, during an appearance on Good Things Utah, that Stampin’ Up! was jumping on the band wagon and was going to produce the stamp for us crazed stampers to purchase!  Awesome.

Now back to FB last night.  Shannon announced a delivery to the Stampin’ Up! warehouse of more than one pallet of #imbringingbirthdaysback stamps!  She said, rather quietly, that at midnight Mountain Time, March 1st, just half an hour from the time I was sitting there, the stamp would be released.  I waited.  At 11.01 p.m. Pacific Time (12:01 a.m. MT), I placed my order.  At 4 a.m. MT, the supply of stamps was exhausted.  Gone.

I think Stampin’ Up! was not expecting that.  It didn’t surprise me at all.  And if I hadn’t been fussing around on my computer at 10.30 p.m. when I should have been in bed, I would have missed it.

All that said, now check out this video from FaceBook this morning:

Here’s a quick update on the #imbringingbirthdaysback stamp. (Hint: it’s good news!)

Posted by Sara Douglass, Stampin’ Up Interim CEO on Tuesday, March 1, 2016



#imbringingbirthdaysback stamp (143573)

I hope the link works. I maxed out my ’embedding skills’ when trying to embed this video from FaceBook!  Bottom line, just in case it doesn’t work:  Stampin’ Up! is having more of these stamps made as I type.  They will not be available ‘while supplies last’.  The #imbringingbirthdaysback stamp will be available as a regular write in item on a Stampin’ Up! order.  It sounds like it’ll be available before March 21st, maybe by March 15th.  I’ll let you know just as soon as I know.  And this is my reason why I love Stampin’ Up!


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