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Birthdays and Visitors – Time Out From Stamping

January 25, 2018

Yes, I do have a life away from my stamps!  Yesterday I came off of ‘my mountain’ and drove about two hours to the San Francisco Bay Area where I met a gal I had worked with almost twenty years ago.  We both worked at Calpine Corporation in the Accounts Payable department but–she was in Houston TX and I was in San Jose CA.  We bonded!

Our birthdays are one day (and a whole bunch of years) apart.  She came to California as a tag-along to her husband who is here on a business trip.  And the specific reason was to share our birthdays in person.

So today:  Happy Birthday Brandy!  Tomorrow:  Happy Birthday Blythe.

Yesterday, after having breakfast at Katy’s Korner in San Ramon, famous for their many styles of eggs Benedict, we headed for the Golden Gate Bridge.  There’s a civil war post beneath the bridge that only a handful of tourists know about plus there’s a spectacular view of the bridge looking up from beneath it.  A storm was working it’s way into the area and we were right on the front edge of it.

As we were driving through The City to get to the bridge we skirted the Marina area and then drove past the Palace of Fine Arts just before getting to the bridge.

Brandy and the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.


Golden Gate bridge pre-storm

The forecasted storm is just about to hit San Francisco. We’re under the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point.


Golden Gale bridge - fog in

Fog is starting to creep in from the ocean and Marin County. East Tower of the bridge is ‘gone’.


Fort Point - storm hits

The storm has arrived and it rained the rest of the day.


Because of the incoming storm as well as traffic heading out of San Francisco, we didn’t hang around town.  Just the bridge, Lombard Street and the Palace of Fine Arts for that photo op.  We s-l-o-w-l-y headed back to San Ramon where we settled back for wine and cocktails while waiting for Brandy’s husband Matt to join us for dinner.  Fun day with my dear friend from Santa Fe TX (yes there is a Santa Fe in Texas!).

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  • Blythe
    January 29, 2018 at 6:35 am

    On a sunny or foggy day the view from under the bridge is spectacular…….just a different perspective. Our birthdays were special because we got to spend them together for the first time ever. It’s not easy when you live nearly 1,000 miles apart! Thanks for your comment Pat. 🙂 ~Blythe

  • Pat Gasko
    January 29, 2018 at 5:01 am

    Thank You for the pictures of your trip to San Francisco and the comment about the Civil War Post under the bridge. . .Interesting. And I can bet the view from below the bridge can be awesome. Hope both your Birthday’s were the Best.