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Coming in July – Blythe’s Buffet !

May 19, 2016

I posted this little blurb on my business Facebook page on Monday:

At the OnStage Stampin’ Up! convention in April in Salt Lake City attendees were challenged to add one more event to our monthly stamping calendars. I have finally decided what mine will be and I’m quite excited about it. I’m going to add a monthly STAMPIN’ BUFFET to my calendar, where attendees will pre-select 12 cards (selections will be posted on my blog at the beginning of each month) that they’d like to make. The fee for your 12 hand-stamped cards will be $24 (envelopes included). Check that out H***mark! “Small print details” will be posted on my blog later this week. #sixmonthstampinggoals #stampingwithblythe #blythesbuffet

And now, here are the “small print” details.

When:  Last Tuesday of the month in Mi Wuk Village (10-1 or 1:30-4:30), to be announced for Dublin
Where: My Country Loft in Mi Wuk Village or Andrea’s home in Dublin
What you need to do:  Check out my blog on the first of each month to see what cards (they will be numbered) will be offered for that month.  Send me an email detailing which 12 cards you’d like to make–you can select 12 of one card or 2 here, 5 there, 3 there and 2 more there.
What I need to do:  I’ll prepare your ‘kit’ with all pieces needed for your twelve cards.  You will be responsible for each kit that you sign up for.
RSVP:  By the 15th of the month.  Payment due with buffet reservation.  (PayPal, CC, check, cash)  No exceptions.
Fee:  $24.00, includes envelopes and me!  Me = stamps, ink pads, embellishments etc.

Just think!  You can make your own hand stamped birthday, wedding, baby, sympathy, thinking of you, just because, hello and many more cards for the month.  Or for gifts.  You won’t have to run out to purchase a not-made-in-the-USA card for your lucky recipients.

Join me in July, last Tuesday (or by appointment), July 26th, for our first Buffet.  I’m excited and I hope you are too.

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