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December 1, 2015

I’ve been waiting for December 1st to arrive because……………  Well, because again this year, I’m going to take one photo a day (or more if I can’t resist of course) and then in the first week of January I’m going to put them into my second annual Project Life album.

Project Life Hello December 2015, 140305, $34.75

Let the entire family join in the fun of putting together an album that records each day in December 2015!

Here’s what you’ll need to play along:

If you’re wondering, the cards and accessories for 2015 are totally different from those of 2014.

Make this a group event, asking several friends to join you in the challenge.  Then get together in January for a little ‘put it all together’ afternoon.

* That camera doesn’t have to be fancy–it just has to go ‘click’ every day in December!  I use my iPhone.

You won’t regret the investment of time and love in creating this project.  You just have to have some patience, waiting for the month to pass and for that party in January.  Please email me if you have questions or want to organize your Project Life event.  You’ll be so glad you did!!!

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