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Delayed Decision Making

January 15, 2018

Did you ever think that your clutter and piles of “this and that” were the product of delayed decision making?

Delayed decision making

Do you wonder why you can’t ever seem to get ahead of yourself?  Never seem to get those piles picked up and put away where they belong?

delayed decision making - working side

This Made My Day!

Delayed Decision Making


Apparently I’ve suffered from delayed decision making for years because when I saw this little mime on FaceBook the other day it really spoke to me!

True Confession:  You’ve been looking at my work table, a huge heavy door that provides a great work space.  It’s 4′ x 8′.  Of clutter!

Several comments from the Queen of This Clutter:

  • I use my Big Shot all the time so it’s ok that it lives on one corner of the work top.
  • The log, from our Christmas Tree (today is January 15th) is right where it was placed about a month ago, between the Big Shot and my stampin’ order.  Ooops.  I never made as decision as to where to put it in the house.
  • The box from Stampin’ Up! is right where I set it after the man-in-brown brought it to my door.  Hmmm…..  (It was mostly 2018 Occasions and S-A-B products insides.)

delayed decision making - stampin up order

  • Many of the stamp sets below (but not quite all) are a work-in-progress as I prep for my January Card Buffet.  I promise myself and my customers that I’ll have the sample cards in place for them to check out but the 15th of the month.

delayed decision making - working side of table delayed decision making - put away pile


One hour — yes ONE HOUR — later my work table is mine and everything is put away where it belongs.

delayed decision making - 1 hour later!


Amazing!  It was just lazy clutter and now I can sit tall and feel great about my work space.  I made decisions!  I think the emphasis should be on the word m-a-d-e.  I made the decisions and just did it and now I have a nice clean place to finish January’s Card Buffet samples as well as get a few more January/February birthday cards made.


delayed decision making - my desk and forest view


My not delayed decision making is that I will put away each project’s supplies before I begin the next project.  Join me?  🙂

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