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Did You Earn $5 Bonus Day Coupons?

August 10, 2016

If you earned one or more Bonus Days Coupons in July then now is the time to redeem them.  Each coupon that you use on an order in August will give you $5.00 off.  You can use multiple coupons on one order.  I.e., it’s not one coupon per order.  I used four on my first August order.

When you place an online order, your order sheet will automatically show you where to enter your alpha numeric coupon number.  (Unless you are a demonstrator or have your own favorite demonstrator, be sure to place my name in the ‘your demonstrator’ box.  Thanks!)  Rather than see a deduction of $5 or $10 or $xx dollars at the end of your order, the system will take a percentage off of each item on your order totaling the $ amount of the coupons you have used.  Strange method but that’s how they’re doing it.  You still definitely get your coupon amount deducted from your order.

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