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July 10, 2015

Gutting this stamping room is a dusty, sneezy task.  And it’s a lost & found type task as well.  I found this on the bottom shelf of my “mail sorting rack”.

Mi Wuk Times: Russ's 60th birthday invitation - 10 year agoBe sure to read the articles.  They’re pretty corny which was part of the intention.  Blue Jay is our Jeep and toddler Austin, in Russ’s arms isghfe4ft now 11.

This was before MDS, blogs, my official stamping email address…….  Almost before paper was invented.

Do you remember this set?

Mi Wuk Times: Russ's 60th birthday invitation - 10 year agoBecause we live in the land of pine cones and needles I loved this set.  I loved it so much I could never get rid of it!

Do you remember the Stampin’ Up! Definitely Decorative line?  What fun it was!

I wonder what’ll show up next?   What was your favorite set from the past?  From 2004?

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I’ll see you again tomorrow when I’m allowed to take a break from this messy, smack-in-your face task.  🙂


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