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How Do You Clean Your Stamps?

July 24, 2016

Do you use a retired washcloth?  A paint pad you can get at the paint store?  A wet sponge?  Your jeans?

If you haven’t yet tried Stampin’ Up!’s Stampin’ Scrub, it’s really time you did!

Stampin' Up!'s Stampin Scrub, 126200

Stampin’ Up!’s Stampin’ Scrub, 126200


The washable pads are removable.  Then just wash them in the kitchen sink with mild dish washing soap and hot water.

It has two trays:  a washer and a dryer”.  Spray Stampin’ Mist Cleaner on one side and scrub your stamps; dry your stamps on the other pad.  In addition to cleaning your stamps, the Stampin’ Mist conditions them.  You can purchase the 2 oz. bottle for starters and then keep the larger 8 oz. refill bottle on hand for — you got it — refilling the smaller bottle.

Stampin' Mist, 102394

Stampin’ Mist, 102394


The Stampin’ Scrub easily cleans very detailed stamps and it’s large enough to clean background stamps.  Each pad is 7″ x 7″.  Be sure to use the edges as well as the center for cleaning your stamps.  The unit folds in half for easy storage. 

Bottom line, the Stampin’ Scrub is a great way to keep your stamps cleaned as well as conditioned.  And you do want to be kind to your stamps don’t you?  Both the Stampin’ Scrub and the Stampin’ Mists are available in my Stampin’ Up! store.





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