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I Walked the 20 Year Anniversary Walk Yesterday!

April 16, 2016

A coveted Stampin’ Up! tradition is walking across the stage in front of ‘thousands’ for an achievement.  Yesterday I got to make my 20 years with Stampin’ Up! walk.  And today is my actual 20th SU! Anniversary.  I signed on as a Demonstrator on April 16, 1996 and have loved what I do ever since.

My 20th Anniversary stroll across the stage.Please ignore (or appreciate) funny Dale in the photo above.  He’s the Canadian head guy.  Technical issues won’t let me duplicate the photo so I could crop him out.  I think he just wanted to be seen on today’s post!


20th Anniversary screenThere were 60 demonstrators who reached their 20 year anniversary this year.

Selfie with Patti Scanlan -- the crowd!Patti Scanlan and I turned our backs on the audience to get a view of the crowd behind us.  I’ll grab that photo from FaceBook for later.  My sister snapped this photo as the giant screen was changing images.  I think it’s pretty awesome.

Gotta dash now and get dressed to face the day.  38 degrees here in Salt Lake City.  No rain today thankfully.  Just wind.

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