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March 27, 2015

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you might know that I pretty much post in ‘real time’, often the morning of a post or perhaps the night before.  I just can never really catch up with myself and my time ‘management’.

Today I have nothing created because I’ve been away from home since Tuesday and brought no tools with me other than those needed to accessorize the Hello Life Simply Created Kit.  I stayed away an extra day ‘in-between’ trips from and to home (120 miles each way) so I could bring three of my grandkidlets home with me on Friday after school.  Spring vacation!

So this morning I was able to get my not-quite-daily walk in with my daughter.  We were hoping for cows but they were nowhere to be seen today.  We did have a glorious walk and views:

Top of the hill in one direction

Top of the hill looking east

Look Mom--no makeup!

Look Mom–no makeup! This is brave photo to share!  I am wearing my Stampin’ Up! hat.  And I really look like a dork in a hat.

Spring flowers

Spring flowers

California's golden poppies

California’s golden poppies

Time out for a break and a snacks

Time out for a break and a snack.

One more poppy photo---I love our golden poppies

One more poppy photo—I love our golden poppies

Turn around and look down in a southern direction from just above these rocks………………

The real world

The real world: Hwy 580, major commute route during those hours from San Francisco and Silicon Valley to the West to the Central Valley to the East.

One interesting thing about where we live:  in about a month or so, those hills, except for the trees will be brown until next fall.  We enjoy that fresh green while we can.  And in this year of severe drought (11% of normal!) who know how soon it’ll all turn brown.

Thanks for stopping by today/tonight/tomorrow morning!  I’ll be working on some projects Saturday morning I hope.  I wonder how much help I’ll be having.  🙂

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  • Connie
    March 30, 2015 at 7:04 am

    Thank you for sharing your walk with us today. Just seeing those pictures brought back warm memories and a feelin of home in those hills. Love ya girl and enjoy your week! 🙂