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January 11, 2014

This afternoon was the last general session for this year’s Leadership conference.  It was a wonderful, perfectly paced, information packed 3 days.  And as I walked out the door from the Gathering Place this evening about 6.45, who should I walk in to but Shelli and Sterling, alone, walking in, ready to help the rest of the staff dismantel the displays beginning at 7 p.m. 

Shelli, Sterling, BK

I commented on the great event and how long it had been since I had a one to one with her.  Shelli is so cordial, as is Sterling.  What a nice closure to this year’s conference!

Be sure to check in in the next days and weeks for some great card ideas as well as product inspiration.  I am so jazzed!  (I’m not jazzed about no internet in our hotel room so this will be short and sweet.  Back to home wifi tomorrow.)


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