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December 18, 2015

My poinsettia holder was #2 favorite on a French blog!

I was doing a search for the treat pouch I c.a.s.e.d for a project at the Mi Wuk Library on Thursday (yesterday).  Somehow I found myself on this blog:  http://scrapahem.com/swaps-2015-on-stage-a-bruxelles-2/

My poinsettia/hand sanitizer swap is right there, in the first photo and is among Stephanie’s (I don’t remember which swapper she is!!!) favorite.  Actually, if I am reading the French correctly, it’s #2.  I don’t speak or read French except for familiar type words but I think she’s saying that there was no name on the project!

This is the comment I left for her:

Stephanie, The packet in the first photo, with the Poinsettia (Cherry Cobbler) and hand sanitizer is mine.  I shipped my items and forgot to add my personal information.  I am Blythe Klipple, from Mi Wuk Village, California, USA, about 200 km east of San Francisco, in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  I’ve been a demonstrator since 1996!   Blythe@StampingWithBlythe.com, http://www.StampingWithBlythe.com
I don’t read or speak very much French but I think you liked it — like in 2nd place.  Awesome and thank you!  You can find details here:  https://www.stampingwithblythe.com/hand-sanitizer-3-d-swap-item-for-stampin-up-on-stage-event-in-brussels/
Thank you again for highlighting my swap.  You really made my day!

It’s really gratifying to know that someone at the Brussel’s On Stage European convention appreciated my work.  I only made 18 of that particular swap and at least 6 of them went to my host family ladies.

You can check out my original post covering this hand sanitizer pouch right here.  Do you remember seeing this November 5th post photo?

.75 oz Hand Sanitizers, Reason for the Season stamp set (139730)

All of this said, now I’ll go back to searching out the Brussel’s On Stage event’s German creator of the pouch we did at the Mi Wuk Library yesterday.  That post will be appearing tomorrow, Saturday.

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  • stéphanie blot
    December 21, 2015 at 3:49 am

    hello Blythe,my English is not perfect, but I understand your message and I add your personal information in my blog. I want to say very thank you for the quality of your swap.