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My #imbringingbirthdaysback Stamp Arrived a Few Days Ago

March 11, 2016

Receiving this stamp in my latest order was almost surreal.

Honeycomb Hapiness - You're So Sweet#imbringingbirthdaysback


I’m going to use it on the envelope of every card I send from now on.  It doesn’t have to be a birthday.  It just has to be going into the mail.  Yes, I’ll still wish people happy birthday on FaceBook, but if I have their address I’ll also be sending them a card.  Shannon West, Stampin’ Up! employee, had no idea that her very public brainstorm would take off like crazy.  But it did and it feels so good to be mailing out more cards and making people’s day!

I told you a few months ago, that I too was planning to send out more birthday cards this year…….to everyone on my calendar this year–not just post a greeting on FaceBook.  I’ve been faithful to my commitment.  While I haven’t sent the hundreds of cards that Shannon has I’ve sent enough to have my postmaster’s attention!  She loves seeing them come through our little post office.

Honeycomb Hapiness - You're So Sweet


As I wrote on the envelope above, this isn’t a birthday card.  It’s a thank you card to a customer because she was ‘so sweet’ to order through me.  And she is a sweetie!

I’d be happy to order one of these fun fun fun stamps for you too.  And then I’ll send you a thank you card.  Just click here (add to bag) to order.  And click here to see how the whole thing got started.  The last paragraph says to check back to see when the stamp will become available.  You can just ignore that statement.  The stamps are here, available and $12.00.  Order yours today!

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