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December 8, 2014

I hosted our annual Christmas Card Making event this past weekend in My Country Loft studio.  Why was is almost a disaster?  My UPS order did not arrive.  Lots of card stock and other supplies were on that order.  The UPS delivery page showed that my two boxes were ‘out for delivery’ on Thursday, right on schedule.  They didn’t arrive.

Friday morning’s UPS notice:  packages are in a trailer in Sacramento (over 100 miles away and one UPS delivery point away) and it’s unknown when they will be unloaded.  And reloaded to Angels Camp (next UPS location) where they’d then be loaded on the delivery truck.  It was looking like a Monday or Tuesday delivery—a little late for our weekend needs.

Today’s message:  On Vehicle for Delivery Today.

Angels Camp, CA, United States 12/08/2014 5:11 A.M. Out For Delivery

Now it’s just wait and see and I truly believe all will be back to normal today.  I told the first car load of stampers who arrived Friday afternoon about the non-delivery and presented the dilemma in a very positive way.   They unloaded their gear, took some to their bedroom and some to the stampin’ studio.  And then we all proceeded to the kitchen where I made our traditional signature cocktail (it changes each year).  Yes, this is a cocktail (one) and wine drinking weekend where we get a lot done and have a lot of fun!  My much appreciated husband Russ prepares our meals and serves snacks so we can work and laugh.

Russ, Blythe and photo bomber Jen

Jen worked her way around the table and got in a photo with every guest!

Christy, Andrea, Jen

Happy Stampers Christy, Andrea and Jen

Cocktail recipe will be posted later this afternoon.  I have to rush out for a meeting in a few minutes.


Late Saturday afternoon progress ??


Jen - Andrea

The other side of the table


Final weekend guest, Christy. You’ll see in tomorrow’s post that she is the ‘machine’.

I’ll have more cards to share and little vignettes of the weekend over the next few days.  Production of cards was, as always, most impressive.

I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.  As the week progresses, I’ll get caught up with some of the sharing I owe you all.  It’s been a few jam packed weeks.

Have a great day.

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