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Stampin’ Up! Color Revamp

April 17, 2018

Changes are good for the brain and the upcoming Stampin’ Up! Color Revamp will be great for the soul of the stamper as well.  Yes, I was rather surprised when the announcement was made at the recent On Stage convention (I attended in Atlanta GA) but when I thought about it — and saw the new and returning colors — I was totally in favor.  Well, almost totally.  I’ll share the colors I’m really going to miss in a bit.


Straight from the horse’s mouth, i.e. Stampin’ Up!:


• Our last color revamp was in 2010 (eight years ago) when we changed many colors in our offering.
• Our last color refresh was in 2013 (five years ago) when we changed just a few core colors.


• We looked at sales and eliminated low sellers to make room for something new.
• We conducted color trend research and identified gaps in our current color offering.
• We explored different ways to group colors into collections; we wanted each collection to have a color spectrum element and include colors that worked best together. This meant that we had to change existing collections.


• Sales data tell us what is popular and what’s not. Everyone has their favorite colors, but we can’t ignore the fact that some colors just don’t sell well even though they may be a favorite color for a very small group of people.  [This may be where I’m wondering if I’m really going to miss Tempting Turquoise as much as I think I will once I adjust my thinking to the new colors.]
Stampin' Up! Color Revamp
• Color trends change over time and we want to keep our color offering fresh, new, and relevant.
Cycling through different variations of color keeps our palettes fresh. Color trends are what keep us loving color and keep us excited about what will come next.


• New colors open possibilities for color coordination and the opportunity for exciting new color combinations.
Stampin' Up! Color Revamp
There are also six returning colors which makes this new mix even more fun.
Stampin' Up! Color Revamp
With the number of colors being retired, that means if you have a favorite, you may want to stock up ASAP. I say that because retiring colors of ink, re-inkers and cardstocks are the first to sell out. The accessories and embellishments are often the next to go, so make your list.


Stampin up color revamp
PS to the Wish List Link:  When I open this link some of the text overlaps other text.  I’m away from home so I can’t print it out to test it.  You do have plenty of room to write down your wish list item and you can read through the title to see the index.  I’ll work on improving it.  I can also send it to you in an email as a Word Doc or Pages (Mac) Doc.  No guarantees however! 


I’m interested in hearing your impression of the Stampin’ Up! Color revamp.  Send your thoughts in a comment (right of title way above).  What color will you miss the most?  (me:  Wisteria Wonder) What color are you happiest to see returning? (me: Mossy Meadow)  What’s your favorite totally new color? (me:  Shade Spruce, Gorgeous Grape and Merry Merlot.  What can I say?!  I love them all!!).  Don’t forget to print out and order the retiring colors you’re missing.  And be sure not to forget the ink refills.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.

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