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Thanks for Lifting Me Up!

October 14, 2017

The Thanks for Lifting Me Up! greeting for today’s little piggy trio card comes from the Lift Me Up stamp set.  What else might a pile of three piggies say?  And I love the little bows on each piggy.  Silly little creatures.

thanks for lifting me up piggy trio

I think these little piggies need a few splotches of mud–after all, they are laying in the dirt!


Confession time.  Or……there’s no such thing as a mistake when creating a hand-stamped greeting card.  On the bottom-most piggy I got some ink where I didn’t want it and I just couldn’t camouflage it.  So I took a 3″ piece of Powder Pink Finely Woven Ribbon, cut it in half lengthwise, tied it in a knot, trimmed the ends with my Paper Snips and attached it to that piggy with a Mini Glue Dot.  And you know what happened then???  The other two piggies demanded bows as well!

Card layer measurements:

Because I colored all of the piggies on the same afternoon, at one sitting, I used the soon-to-be-released Stampin’ Blends alcohol markers for all of the coloring on the cards.  I wanted to test them and also teach myself how to use them to their best advantage.  I’m still learning but could see improvement as I went from piggy to piggy.

Now that you’ve seen the first three This Little Piggy cards, which one is your favorite?  Card OneCard Two?  Or today’s card?  Do you own this stamp set yet?  Will you be considering purchasing it now?  Does it at least make you smile?

Thanks for lifting ME up!  I can’t tell you how fulfilled I feel finally putting the stamp set on my work table and getting that bunch of cards I intended on making months ago finally made.  And shared.







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