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Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

March 27, 2018

I woke up more than once the other night and I was thinking about making Window Box Thinlits Easter baskets in various colors.  First I was only going to make them for my grandkidlets.  Then I added the participants of tomorrow’s Card Buffet.  And in two hours (after breakfast) I made nine baskets starting with full pieces of  card stock and ending up with the cute little baskets.

Window Box thinlits Easter baskets, finished

Nine finished Easter baskets


I hadn’t used my Window Box Thinlits for months so I had to put my thinking cap on to remember just how to do the assembly.  And then I wanted to create only a ‘half’ box for my baskets.  To help you out, I took photos of the last basket I made, step by step.


Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

Step 1


You need two pieces of 6-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ card stock.


Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

Step 2


You need the Big Shot, the Big Shot Platform and Thin Die Adapter that come with the Big Shot.  And then additionally, I recommend using the Precision Base Plate if you have it.  This is an intricate thinlets set and the Precision Base Plate will help cut all the little pieces plus make the score lines.  You’ll only need one Standard Cutting Pad (that also comes with the Big Shot) if you’re using the Precision Base Plate.

If you don’t have the Precision Base Plate, use both (two) of the Standard Cutting Pads and you’ll be just fine.


Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

Step 3.


Be sure to turn your Precision Base Plate over so the black side is facing up.  Top the die and card stock with the Standard Cutting Pad.


Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

Step 4.


Draw a line just above that widest part in the top area and then remove that section.


Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

Step 5.

Remove those two end tabs that are marked with the squiggle lines.


Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

Step 6.


Here’s the visual for cutting off those tabs.


Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

Step 7.


Glue the areas shown above.  I’ve use both Tear & Tape and Multipurpose Liquid Glue with equal success.  The Multipurpose Glue is a bit messier however.


Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

Step 8.


You can see the Multipurpose Liquid Glue (aka Tombow in my house) on the left and the Tear & Tape on the right in the photo above.


Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

Step 9.


Remove the areas that have x’s or lines.


Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

Step 10.


Attach either Tear & Tape or Multipurpose Liquid Glue to the inside bottom of the “basket”.


Window Box thinlits Easter baskets

Step 11.


This is just another color (yip, really) of a basket in progress before the two pieces have been attached.  Lay the square in the lower piece on top of the upper square–after the adhesive has been applied!  Then fold up the narrow flaps, apply adhesive and create the shape of the basket.


Window Box Thinlits Easter Baskets

Step 12.


And here are my nine finished baskets.  The first basket was a real learning curve, determining which tabs to cut off or which areas to trim.  Consider your first basket as a test version as well.  I tried to get a photo of each step but after doing nine of them I might have missed something important.  If you have an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact me, phone or email.  My info is in the banner at the top of the page.

The basket handle is 1/2″ x 7-1/2″ and I’ve attached them to the inside of the basket with the Tear & Tape adhesive.  I decided to add no embellishments to the basket since (1) the horizontal cutouts are embellishments and (2) there’s really no place to put anything unless it be a butterfly onto to handle.  Hmmmm.  I’m might have to try that!

You can get your own supplies used in this project by clicking on any of the linked items (they’ll appear in red ink) or by going directly to my Stampin’ Up! store.  If you don’t already have an account, just set one up and be sure to select me as your demonstrator unless you already have one with whom you work.

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I really hope you try creating your own Window Box Thinlits Easter baskets.  They’re fun and darned cute.



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