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August 22, 2015

The last step in totally redoing my stamping space has been the table top.  It’s been hard to find what I wanted: 4′ x 8′ plywood that I/we could attach smooth laminate or formica to.  I was going to be happy with a nicely painted/sprayed white, washable table to coordinate with the room.   Then one of my girlfriends suggested stainless steel molded around the table top.  Ooooooh, awesome.   Oooooooh, ain’t gunna happen!  Too unrealistic and hard to coordinate.  But the look would have been amazing.  And it could still happen sometime in the future.

After another week of nothing happening so I took the bull by the horns, went to a local cabinet shop, and after some chit chat about my needs ordered a 4′ x 8′ solid core door which would come in in two days.  And it would weigh over 200 pounds.  Yikes.  With the help of some employees we got the door into the truck and home into our driveway.  That’s it!  There was no way we could get it out of the truck, onto saw horses for painting and then up the driveway, left turn past the woodshed, left turn (and snow plow ramp) onto the deck and then up and over the threshold into my room and onto the 3 waiting pedestals.

So, sadly, I called the shop to see if I could return it since it was never even out of the truck.  No.  Waa–aaaa.  Yes, quiet tears.

So then I sent the guy I’d been dealing with an email stating my sorrow and frustration and disappointment.  I’m better when I’m writing than when I’m talking in person or on the phone.   He called me back and said, hey—I’m sending two of my men up to your house (about 8 miles away) to get the door out of the truck.

So again……in the meantime Russ backed the truck further up the driveway, next to the garage, just below the woodshed.  If they guys were going to put the table into the garage then surely they could roll it up into my room on a piano dolly which we had in the garage.  It was a go!  Woohoo.

My heros from Vans Cabinets in Soulsbyville CA

My heroes David and Michael from Vans Cabinets on Hwy 108 in Soulsbyville CA

Finally the table is in my room.  Unpainted.

Door table in my 'new' stampin' studio

Door-table in my ‘new’ stampin’ studio.  It is just what I had foreseen!

We’re going to spray paint it tomorrow or Sunday after tarping the entire room.

Payment to my two heroes, David and Michael???  Chocolate chip cookies next week.

So……..finally, finally my question to you:  Do you have a killer chocolate chip cookie recipe?  (Kelly McC??)  I want to wow them and let them know how much I/we appreciated their help.  It wasn’t going to happen without them.  I think I might take cookies to them every day next week!  They need a huge thank you for making my newly refreshed room complete.

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