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April 22, 2019

Do you know how difficult it is for me to post when I’m traveling?  I try and try and……well, it just doesn’t seem to happen.  This morning, everyone except my hubby and me, has left for their normal life and we’ve been left alone.  My first priority–the blog and my readers!  So here you are…….

When I attend Stampin’ Up! events I always know I’ll being seeing many special Stampin’ Up! friends.  But this On Stage event in Salt Lake City seemed to be the exception to that rule.  Yes, I saw many dear friends from past events but this year I also met many new friends.  It gives me goose bumps just writing about the smiles I experienced.

I chose to attend the On Stage event in Salt Lake City this time ’round.  I’m so glad I did.  And here are some of my friends and why they’re so special to me.  The pix are in the order I ran into each person.

My friend Sue Ann Olsavicky from Goodyear AZ.  She was in line, waiting to pick up her convention bag and ‘credentials’ and called out to me as I came through the doors.  We’ve been roommates at Leadership events all over the country for years and it’s always so good to see her again.  We only meet at SU! events.


Judy and I met serendipitously at the OnStage event in Phoenix several years ago–where I was a presenter. She lives about 30 minutes from Phoenix.  We clicked big time!


Rosemarrie Gonsalves is from Fremont CA and we met as a part of the same Divine Demonstrators team under the awesome Debra Godfrey (from Boise ID). Rosie’s an instigator!  (and that’s a good and fun thing)


Gina Cardera, from Livermore, CA, one of California’s wine regions. Gina is also a Divine Demonstrator under Debra Godfrey. Again, I only see her at Stampin’ Up! events, although she only lives about 100 miles from me.


Diane Browning and I met a bunch o years ago at an SU! even. She’s from Southern California. We always run into each other and have a nice reunion at Stampin’ Up! events.


I ran into all of the gals above at the Friday night Centre Stage dinner and business presentation for demonstrators who are Silver Elite or above.  We have a certain number of downline as well as a certain amount of sales per year.


These were my table mates at Centre Stage. Left to right, Tiffany – a go getter from ??, Janet Baker and Margaret Goodfellow, a pair of Stampin’ Up!’s ‘original’ demonstrators from 1988. Janet is my Stampin’ Up! ‘grandmother’, Debra Godfrey (not in attendance) is my ‘mom’. Back row: Moi, Ginny (not sure where she’s from) and Karen Morgan whom my sister met on her flight from Burbank CA to Salt Lake City. Karen is from Portland Oregon.


Saturday was the official On Stage Local event, a semi-annual gathering of SU! demonstrators.

Mis Tres Amigas: Judy, Sue Ann and new friend Karen.  Excitement is when you don’t let your camera properly focus!


Now comes the memory lapse: Moi, my sister (and downline) Janet Smith from Santa Rosa CA and oh-my-gosh-I-don’t-remember-her-name (and I should)!


Moi and fellow Sudsol member (online biz group of Stampin’ Up! demos) and friend, Kelley Strate from AL.


Blythe and Nancy Jensen, Boise ID. Nancy is also Debra Godfrey’s downline! What a serendipitous meeting while in line to pick up our event bags! So we just HAD to have a photo together!


Blythe & Patty Ellwinger from Page AZ. Would you believe that we met two years ago IN Page AZ via the first mate on the tour boat hubby Russ and I took on Lake Powell, taking us out to Rainbow Bridge?!  We had clicked with Mary (first mate), she had a stamping friend (Patty) and with husbands we all enjoyed a great dinner that evening after the boat tour.  And now I get to see Patty at SU! events.


OH my gosh! Greg!! Years ago at Stampin’ Up! conventions he would host “game shows”. I hadn’t seen him for a bunch of years, his beard had turned a bit gray. His humor and charm have remained the same and it was just great to see him!


These gals are from the El Dorado Hills/Folsom/Sacramento area of California and are also Divine Demonstrators, part of Debra’s downline. We originally met at a downline event in Livermore and it was fun to see them again. And once more, someone help me with their names!


Wow, I do not remember who this was but I do know that I took selfies with both old and new friends who made me smile.


And these gals, my friends and readers, are a perk of being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.  You meet fellow demonstrators in the strangest places and you always have something in common to chat about.  And reuniting with these special Stampin’ Up! friends at a Stampin’ Up! event is just so…much…fun!







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